Still from our latest video series for Paper House

The Spirit of the Negev (March 2015)

This project reaffirmed the deep satisfaction that you feel when making a movie with friends and family. 

Trust, meaning, sincerity.

Keys to enjoying the filmmaking process.

I'm not saying we made the most interesting film in the world. But it meant a lot to me, and it tells the honest story of our desert adventure and lifelong friendship.


In early 2015 my best friend cajoled and bribed me into joining him for a 17 day hike through the Negev Desert in Israel.

I brought my camera and made the movie above.

Brother's Keeper (November 2014)

From Narayan Krishnan, the man profiled in the video:

"Awesome my dear friend. You have rocked. I am speechless after seeing your powerful presentation and representation synchronizing our thoughts and actions into picturerization without having a protocol." 

-Narayanan Krishnan, Akshaya Trust

There was a man in Madurai who had built a huge rehabilitation home, with private funds that he attracted by virtue of his remarkable dedication and conviction.

I wanted to meet him and make a movie about him, so I took a series of buses from Mumbai to Madurai, and spent 3 days at his facility.

The footage resulted in the next short video, Brother's Keeper.

Aured - Learning to Listen and Speak (September 2014)

From the client:

“These films are going to help us not just with fund-raising but also to create an awareness to new technology that enables deaf children to listen and speak and integrate into a hearing world.”
- Aziza Tyabji, Director, Aured

As I completed my first two practice videos, I began seeking clients. My goal at the time was to work for social causes. 

A friend connected me to Aured, one of India's leading schools for the hearing impaired.

6 days of shooting + 2 months of editing resulted in 3 short videos and a high water mark for me in terms of what it feels like to work for a client who is appreciative, supportive, clear, and pushes you to deliver the best you can.

Aziza Tyabji, the founder of Aured, has remained a friend and mentor. She built Aured with great love, conviction, and inclusiveness. I was lucky to have her as my first major client.

Common Purpose (July 2014)

I had the chance here to begin to practice the short documentary format, where the keys are simply:

turn the camera on, ask questions, listen. 

Next I joined a friend, Abhishek Bharadwaj, as he facilitated an interaction between business executives and street-dwellers.

The idea was to build bridges between the impoverished and the wealthy. It was an interesting exchange, captured in the video above, Common Purpose

Sankalp Street Play (July 2014)

The first video I made, capturing a street play on HIV prevention arranged by the Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust.

Things came full circle when we made an in-depth profile of Sankalp's Drug Rehabilitation Home 3 years later.

JUNE 2014

The journey began when my brother Vedant helped me buy a sweet Canon DSLR. 

I started roaming Mumbai and other areas in India looking for interesting things to film.

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